Beats, Beets, and Boating

Sad to say I don't have many weekends left in Copenhagen, but this one started out great! After working alone at school for a few hours in the morning, I was like, 'it's 70 and sunny outside and that's more important because I'm in Copenhagen and that's a MIRACLE.' 

My neighborhood has a long park in the middle which I haven't taken much advantage of until this Friday. I grabbed my iPod full of new songs and went to lay in the sun. It felt a tiny bit awkward being the only one laying in a bathing suit, but honestly I don't think the Danes give any second thought to an attempt to soak up the sun.

Afterwards I biked to town. I was really hot at that point and craving something sweet so I went to Joe and the Juice to get something healthy. I had a 'sweet beet' which was beet, fennel, and apple juice, so yummy! The real reason I went to town was that KEA (my school) set up a free canal tour for students. There were 115 spots but only about 30 people showed up, and coincidentally almost all my friends/housemates were there which was so much fun :)