I've really been making the most out of my last weeks in Denmark. Today was no exception, but everything about the day was somehow 'not what we expected', but in a good way. I sort of felt like Alice in Wonderland, only 'Charlotte in Charlottelund'. Curious.

My good friend Roos (Rose) and I went to a sample sale in city center this morning (the same one we went to yesterday haha..) and then had cappuccinos on a nice bench outside. I also had some oatmeal because I went to the gym at 6am and by 10am it was time for breakfast #2. We stumbled upon a recycled clothing market on the way back to our bikes but there was so much stuff for sale that it was too overwhelming to find something worth the time. 

Our plan for the day was to bike to Finn Juhls Hus, a house museum in Charlottelund, North of Copenhagen. The bike ride was supposed to be about 30 minutes but it felt more like 30 miles. When we FINALLY got there, it was - not what we expected. The house was just part of a whole park with interactive art pieces, another museum, and a restaurant. Finn Juhls Hus was actually a bit expensive, but the park was free, so we peaked inside the house and then had fun looking at the giant misting circle and the mirror maze. Yep, that's the best I can describe them. 

Afterwards we biked into the town of Charlottelund to see the castle and grounds built by Princess Charlotte Amalie in the early 1800's (obviously I pretended that the castle and the whole town belonged to me). The palace grounds were so calm, especially compared to Copenhagen. We weren't expecting Charlottelund to feel like a ritzy beach town, but main street was quaint and full of designer shops, and we walked all the way to the water where people were BBQing and sailing. It was really a different kind of day and I loved it.

Stranded and Loving It on Paper Island

My friends and I have been trying to find a day to hang out at Papirøen (Paper Island) together. It's a magical place where everyone chills out, eats food from a different culture, and possibly jumps off the pier if it's hot enough. 

Today's mission was work first, then food and fun. Some of the girls had their final exams this morning, and some of us had to spend the morning prepping for the exam we have two whole weeks from now (can I plz just get it over with). Anyway, we all met at Copenhagen Street Food, which is synonymous with Paper Island and Papirøen in case that was confusing you. It's hyped up to be an awesome, but very crowded destination. However, on this gorgeous Wednesday it was practically empty compared to some days where it takes 40 minutes to get food and every table, chair, and pier-side seat is taken. 

Roos, Dakota, and Lulia in the bottom left :)  - Full Album  HERE

Roos, Dakota, and Lulia in the bottom left :)  - Full Album HERE

Seating might have gone smoothly, but deciding what to eat is a serious challenge. I walked up and down the aisles of food trucks 3 or 4 times. First you have to see all your options, then you have to see what's popular and decide what you're in the mood for, and even then you've only narrowed it down to probably 3 trucks. Then you just have to make up your mind and say you'll try the others next time. I had plantains that were smashed into circles and fried like patties, served with guac and salsa. Lulia tried a Moroccan flatbread and Dakota had a surf and turf burger with sweet potato fries. Casual Wednesday lunch. 

After we ate, it was time to chill. We sat on the very corner of the pier for the rest of the afternoon getting tan, taking pictures, and waving at the boats and canal tours going by. I really cherish the times I'm in the moment with my friends, enjoying the weather, just talking and laughing. 





Beats, Beets, and Boating

Sad to say I don't have many weekends left in Copenhagen, but this one started out great! After working alone at school for a few hours in the morning, I was like, 'it's 70 and sunny outside and that's more important because I'm in Copenhagen and that's a MIRACLE.' 

My neighborhood has a long park in the middle which I haven't taken much advantage of until this Friday. I grabbed my iPod full of new songs and went to lay in the sun. It felt a tiny bit awkward being the only one laying in a bathing suit, but honestly I don't think the Danes give any second thought to an attempt to soak up the sun.

Afterwards I biked to town. I was really hot at that point and craving something sweet so I went to Joe and the Juice to get something healthy. I had a 'sweet beet' which was beet, fennel, and apple juice, so yummy! The real reason I went to town was that KEA (my school) set up a free canal tour for students. There were 115 spots but only about 30 people showed up, and coincidentally almost all my friends/housemates were there which was so much fun :)