Something About Sunday

A lot of my days turn out to be all or nothing. Either I wake up and start being productive or I make excuses all day. We're starting a new project at school this week, so I wanted to get another full day of me-time in before my focus turns elsewhere. One of my biggest projects lately is marketing myself, and I've started with my website. 

When I really want to focus, I usually need a change of scenery. I spent some time yesterday finding a great café with cute work space and a menu with skyr and granola because it's my fave. On my bike ride here to Parterre, I stopped all through the city to take pictures for my Paint the Town project. It's another cloudy but beautiful day in Copenhagen, and a perfect Sunday for getting some work done with a cappuccino. If my motivation prevails, i'll be grocery shopping and hitting the gym later for a leg workout. Wish me luck.