I love this Neighbourhood

Actually, I'm gonna talk about how much I love pizza. From Neighbourhood.

First I'll say that I haven't been out for pizza the whole time I've lived in Copenhagen.. WHAT. It's not actually that surprising because at home my family just has pizza nights and we make our own pizza. We're a picky pizza family and we make it just the way we like it. We also like to shamelessly pile raw garlic on top and throw every piece in the oven a second time so the crust gets extra crispy and we burn the roofs of our mouths. Anyway.

I went out for pizza at Neighbourhood in the Meat Packing district here in Copenhagen. It was seriously delicious. Neighbourhood serves killer pizza combinations on ultra thin and airy crust. I went with my mom last week and we tried the potato brie with olive and rosemary and the garlic shrimp. You can check out the full menu here.

They also had some very tasty nonalcoholic drinks. Many quality restaurants in Copenhagen can be quite cramped, but Neighbourhood had a lot of seating and a relaxed atmosphere. Overall it's a fun dinner experience for friends or family. Maybe not a first date though because it gets a little messy.