Pros and Cons of Spending the Day Alone

So there's this huge music festival that happens every year in Copenhagen called 'Distortion'. Yes, that can be interpreted as everyone getting completely distorted. Danes already love to drink (seriously, it's 5 o'clock every hour of every day here if they feel like it). Distortion is a giant five-day party of random rappers and DJ's in the streets of the city, AKA the perfect excuse to get completely wasted. While my friends were participating in the 'fun' (I'm not bitter, I just have a very different opinion of fun) I decided to spend some time visiting quieter parts of the city because I can only study inside for so long. Here's a few pros and cons of my solo day yesterday:

PRO: I can spend too long deciding what I want to order at a café.

Skyr with granola and fruit - Café Det Vide Hus

CON: It's awkward taking pictures of food when you're eating alone.

PRO: I can make friends with the people I'm crammed next to while climbing the steep stairs of a church spire to see all of Copenhagen.

Church of Our Saviour - Copenhagen

View from the top

View from the top

CON: Everyone's sweaty and the (dumb) people at the top of this church that are terrified of heights really don't want to talk. 

PRO: I can randomly jump off my bike to take a picture of a pretty wall.

CON: There's no one to watch my bike and bag if I want to walk away on a quick photo mission. 

PRO: I can also detour just to buy candy (I belong in Denmark because I'm obsessed with licorice). 

CON: I'm alone eating candy. OH WELL.