It's Good to Have No Options

What? Who says that? It can be a small world in Schoharie County, New York but most of the time we like it that way. Jefferson, the town I grew up in, only has one gas station and one bar (lol not that relevant to me). But these 'popular by default' places are something we all enjoy without it being mentioned. Nothing is perfect, but no one expects or wants perfection in a small town. Sometimes I run into my own brother at the gas station having coffee and sharing news with some other guys in town. Everything is more than familiar. 

Anyway, this post is really about ice cream. There's only one true ice cream place shared by 5 surrounding towns that everyone looks forward to in the summer. When I say 'true' ice cream place, I mean there's no indoors, they ONLY serve ice cream, and you just order at the window and sit outside on picnic tables. Mac-A-Doodles is in a neighboring town called Stamford, and I drive right by it every time I go to the gym.. In fact, it's like 1/4 mile down the road. 

They have tons of hard ice cream flavors and milk shakes, but the soft serve is definitely what Mac-A-Doodles is known for. The soft serve cones are towering. Every time I get one I say 'I'll never be able to finish this!' but then it starts to melt, so I eat faster and finish the whole thing in 5 minutes. And I still lose a lot of sprinkles in the melting fight. Humph. I'll just have to come again and really savor it..