A True Country Wedding

I am so happy I was able to come home for my cousin Chase's wedding. He married the perfect girl, and now they're a couple of hitched, hardworking farmers. Chase and Danielle live just on the other side of town (like, 2 miles away) and they hosted the wedding at my aunt and uncle's campground next door to their farm.


Like a true country wedding, the bridesmaids wore cowgirl boots, the guests left with maple syrup (made by Chase and Danielle), and the cake was topped with a cow. The wedding was full of Fall colors, with ears of corn, sunflowers, and twinkle lights of course. 

It was so much fun to have the whole family (and the whole town) together to celebrate Chase and Danielle's love. It was a chilly day, but once everyone had a few drinks and started dancing, it wasn't that cold. I have worked at weddings before, but never attended a real one. The best man and maid of honor speeches were funny and heartfelt, I got to watch the couple shove cake at each other, and the DJ inevitably played "Shout". I loved getting dressed up and witnessing traditions, but celebrating with everyone was hands down the best part. 

And just a few more less-classy photos..