Food52 Holiday Market

I'd be happy spending all my Friday nights in a beautiful test kitchen surrounded by Christmas decorations. For those of you that don't know Food52, they are a recipe site that also sells decor and everything you need for cooking. And everything they touch is aesthetically perfect IMO. This includes their test kitchen in New York, a loft/office space with incredible design and top of the line kitchen gadgets. December 2-4, they are hosting a Holiday Market open to the public with yummy tastings and holiday shopping. So of course I went.

When you walk in to the sound of Christmas classics, surrounded by pine garland and string lights, you don't want to be anywhere else. I met up with my boss and my co-worker because I genuinely enjoy their company, and we walked around the market for about an hour, tasting and shopping. 

The market was set up so that you don't actually leave with purchases, but Food52 employees have a purchasing counter set up where you order what you like online with free 2-day shipping. It was quite convenient and very well managed. There were also vendors sampling cold-brew coffee and chocolate bark. More perfection. I spoke with a few girls that work at Food52 about possible career opportunities because I genuinely admire the company. Staying excited about the present and future!