Hiking Tales

The humidity has been ridiculous the past couple weeks. I love Summer weather in upstate New York because it's hot and sunny with occasional thunder storms, but humidity is something everyone complains about whether you're in Houston or here. But it didn't stop my cousin (best friend) and I from taking a hiking adventure! 

Yesterday was my cousin Callan's birthday, she turned 22. Yes, I asked her if she was 'Feeling 22'. For those of you who don't understand that reference, please listen below :)

We drove to John Boyd Thacher State Park, which is south of Albany along the Helderberg Escarpment. Apparently the Escarpment is one of the richest fossil-bearing formations in the world. To be honest, we were more interested in the giant cracks/caves in the limestone cliffs and looking out at the views. 

The hiking is very manageable, with intermittent steep staircases because the cliffside just wasn't suitable for walking in some areas. We have a few mountains closer than Thacher State Park that are common for hiking, but it was nice to have a change of scene and experience something new. I highly recommend visiting the park. 

After getting sufficiently sweaty and hangry, I took Callan to lunch at the Cobleskill Golf Club for shrimp cocktail and sandwiches. We sat out on the deck in the shade and talked about how nice it would be to be retired with an agenda of golfing and lunching everyday. But then we remembered that being 22 is awesome and we just complain too much. Afterwards we went to Grapevine Farms and each bought a new purse.. because sometimes we act like girls.