Down Home Cereal

Whenever I talk about any of the products we sell here at Buck Hill Farm, I end up saying 'it's one of my favorite!', or 'I eat it all the time'. I'm not just trying to sell the products, those statements are really true, I eat a lot of profits. Oops. Like today at work Mom and I made a batch of our maple granola, or as Mom likes to call it 'cereal' because she eats it with milk nearly every day. Just ask the cats. 

Making granola is fairly simple. We just toss oats and groats with some walnuts and syrup and throw it in the oven to get lightly toasted. When it comes back out, you add the raisins and start scooping. But the bags have to be labeled beforehand so that the labels stick nice and flat. I find that job oddly satisfying. Each bag gets weighed to one pound and anything left on the pan that doesn't fill a whole bag gets brought to the house... However, there is nothing stopping Mom or I from opening a bag off the shelf as soon as that's gone...

There's nothing like a bowl of down home cereal in the sunshine on the rock wall with Cowbella's local milk.