Strawberry Picking

I've been home from Copenhagen and my semester abroad for a few days now. After a few extra long nights sleep in my familiar bed, it's time to prioritize on the farm! I'm going to be working at home on Buck Hill Farm for the summer managing field work, marketing, waitressing in the restaurant, and attending a few local farmer's markets each week. In other words there will be plenty to write about on here when my hands are clean.

Our berry field is not quite up and running, so Mom and I spent the morning picking strawberries at Bohringer's Fruit Farm in the valley. It's absolutely gorgeous outside today so getting there bright and early was quiet and not too hot. 

We only picked 12 quarts this morning, but we'll be going back for a few weeks through the season because we use a whole lot of berries at our house. Strawberries in particular we use for jam that we sell at Buck Hill (made by my very own mother and you can get your own HERE!), and we also give some away, sell them at the markets, and freeze bags of them for the winter. You'd be surprised how incredible the flavor holds in frozen strawberries.