Trees Are Magical: Fall Edition

If I haven't mentioned it before, Fall is one of my top four favorite seasons.  ...I love every season, how can I not, they're all so unique! That's part of the reason I feel so blessed to have grown up in upstate New York. I get a white Christmas (usually), fresh syrup when Spring comes, hot and fruitful summers, and colorful, festive Falls. I decided to come home from school for Columbus Day weekend because the Fall colors are officially at their peak, which is truly a few specific days before the leaves get dark and fall off. For obvious reasons, I already like maple trees.. but even more so in the Fall when they paint the mountain side in spectacular color. 

SO beautiful, right?? Anyway, trees are also magical this time of year because it's apple season! I have to say, usually Mom and I apple pick all over our own property, but the apples froze off this year. Hardly any at all on the trees. It happens. So we went to a real orchard called Terrace Mountain, which is always fun because they have every familiar variety. For our own eating, the orchard is fine, but for making apple sauce to sell, it's a bit pricey. We'll have to forage around town a bit more. 

Did I forget to mention they have apple cider donuts? hehe. We picked mainly galas (how can you not like galas), golden delicious, which are my personal favorite, and northern spies, which are more tart than goldens but amazingly crisp. 

As you can see, Mom took all the pictures and I did all the heavy lifting.. no not really, but shout out to Mom for dealing with the photographer who's in front of the lens <3