Home Sweet Home

I was in Copenhagen just long enough to feel very comfortable with the city, transportation, currency and the people. I am SUCH a homebody that I could never picture moving somewhere far away from family. Even in New York City, I make frequent trips home because it's convenient. However, while studying abroad I started to imagine that it is possible. You do start to feel comfortable, you make real friends, have new routines, and can confidently give tourists directions. BUT, I didn't have a job or my own place to settle into and I will never be able to silence my need for family and the country. 

My point is, Lord, it is good to be home. I am so blessed to live on this farm with hard working and supportive loved ones. I can feast my eyes on the expansive countryside and feast my body on freshly grown and produced food. When I'm in a city, I like to find urban gardens to volunteer at, but there's nothing like getting my hands back in our own dirt. The peas are climbing, chickens are laying, sun in shining, and I am happy.