Seeking My Dream Internship


Freshman year: "OMG what do I wear? My roommate is so weird. College is so easy."
Sophomore year: "Help me, I'm poor."
Junior Year: "I watch too much Netflix, I'm going abroad."

I'd be in denial if I said I never panic about my future. Sometimes I get nervous that I'm supposed to have my life and career all mapped out. Advice for myself, and many others; Life is uncertain, just go with it. 

When I say just go with it, I don't mean float along effortlessly. Every day is an opportunity to build new skills, set new goals, and work to be the person you want to be. I spent many years visualizing what job I wanted and who I wanted to be. That's a great start, but picturing how I want my life to be and figuring HOW to make it that way are two very different things. I guarantee, someone out there is already living the life you want, so research the steps they took to get there, and start taking action. 

My personal challenge is that I have many different interests. It can be hard to decide where to focus my energy. I study people that are successful in all the same areas I am passionate about; a fitness Youtuber with their own clothing line, a popular blogger and photographer on Instagram, or an impactful organic farmer, and I try to identify specific things about them that caught my attention. I am inspired by these individuals, but I am my own worst enemy when I start to compare myself to others. I've learned to identify my own strengths, set goals, and believe the path to success will appear.

Okay time to lighten the mood a little and take my own advice!

I have always wanted to work for Refinery29, which is a digital media company excelling at lifestyle content. They provide thoughtful and slightly humorous inspiration, advice, and all things need-to-know. The company is offering an internship listed as Content Internship, Beauty. This is my “Dream Internship” and I know the application process is going to be competitive! I know that to have a chance at “My Dream Internship," I need to find a way to make my cover letter and resume stand out.

My research on how to write an outstanding cover letter has led me in a million different directions, but one bit of advice rang throughout. I needed to discuss what I could bring to the company and why they should hire me. I sat back and practiced listening to my heart. I want them to know I could excel at this position, now all I need to do is get the hiring manager to know that! I discarded anything that sounded generic and decided to keep the cover letter brief and straight forward. I wanted to introduce myself and let them know what I had to offer. After a few drafts in which I wrote and rearranged how self-motivated I am, how observant I am, and how detail oriented I am, I had a small epiphany. Instead of listing my strengths and describing my talents, I would show them.

Hence, the 'Charlotte Collins Video Introduction' exclusively created for “My Dream Internship” quest! It was at this point that “it’s the journey, not the destination” kept running through my head and I realized I really was taking my own advice. Tackle new skills, set new goals, and BE the person you want to be.