My Top 5 Fitness Youtubers

I haven't written much about my passion for fitness. I've mostly mentioned whether or not I'll make it to the gym on any given day. Working out, and more specifically weight training, is a big part of my life and something I thoroughly enjoy. However, my fitness journey did not start with lifting weights.

I've always been an active person. I played track and soccer all through middle school and high school, which involved a lot of running, so naturally running became a refreshing hobby of mine. But I really didn't need to burn any more calories. I don't love being the really skinny girl, and in the past few years I've wanted to put on more muscle and get stronger. I've taught myself nearly everything there is to know about nutrition and fitness. In fact, I'm looking into getting my personal trainer certification. So this is a heads up that I will be writing more on this topic!

Much of my inspiration and knowledge comes from Youtubers. Some people don't understand why I'm always watching Youtube, but it has literally replaced tv for me. There are Youtube channels for every interest in the world and real people put a lot of effort into their channels. Anyway, I made a little list of my top 5 favorite fitness/lifestyle Youtubers that I currently love, so if you're looking for good channels or are interested in fitness and nutrition, go check them out!

#1 Christian Guzman

Christian's channel has completely evolved in the past year. He's the most dedicated and motivated person and he's only 23. He's definitely made a name for himself and his videos are the highest quality vlogs I've seen.

#2 Heidi Somers

I love Heidi because she moved from Alaska to Texas on her own to do more with her life. She got into fitness and is a a goofy, genuine, donut-loving girl that nicked named herself 'Buff Bunny'. But she's definitely one to be taken seriously, she has super power discipline. 

#3 Amanda Bucci

Amanda has great advice in her videos and is also very technical about her workouts. I go to her for proper form and tips. But she's also a fro'yo addict :) 

#4 Ashley Nocera

Ashley is a Long Island girl and her videos show you so much of her regular life. I like her channel because she sets attainable goals for herself and never puts fitness in a restrictive light.

#5 Emily Hayden

Emily and Ashley (above) are both Alphalete Athletes, which is the company that Christian Guzman (#1) owns. The fitness industry can be a small world. Anyway, Emily is a very dedicated athlete. She prays every day and has a great dane, so overall I love her values.