Goodbye KEA

Yesterday was my last day at KEA. I haven't actually had school for about two weeks now, but my oral exam final was yesterday morning. I had never had an oral exam (and let me add that this was my ONLY exam and ONLY grade for the WHOLE semester) so there was a lot of stress leading up to this final hour (or half an hour). I won't try to explain the European grading system, but I got a 12 and that's the highest grade there is - ending the semester on an awesome high note. I cried at the end because I had spent so much time preparing for and thinking about the exam that I wasn't ready for the moments after and how sad I would be to leave KEA. 

There is a unique sense of teamwork and lack of judgement studying at KEA. I respect everyone I worked with at school and am confident that my studies here are sending me home with academic and life lessons I couldn't get anywhere else. It's also very easy to be positive now that it's June and the weather is up-lifting. None the less, it's going to be very surreal to go back to FIT. I will definitely miss the rhythm in Copenhagen. I'm sharing some pictures of KEA main campus to show a little of the whole lot that I'm leaving behind.