Fro'yo in Frederiksberg

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, which sounds extremely early for a Sunday except the sun rose at 4:45. I'm use to waking up at dawn so when I wake up to full on daylight I already feel behind for the day. I had a few (few is always up for interpretation) cups of coffee and worked on end of the semester stuff. I worked until 10, which felt like forever but I am most productive in the morning and it felt good to cram in some work right away. 

I decided to venture out by myself today because it was 70 and sunny and I needed some fresh air. There's a southern part of Copenhagen called Frederiksberg that's a bit ritzier, has better grocery stores and cuter boutiques, but is most famous for Frederiksberg Park. I actually had never made my way to this part of town, but remember reading about a frozen yoghurt place in the area that is amazing because their yoghurt is actually skyr, which is delicious Icelandic yoghurt that is low in fat and high in protein. SO, I made a pit stop on the way to the park. 

The fro'yo was on point. I mixed original, vanilla, and coconut yoghurt (after taste testing the other 7 flavors) and put granola, licorice pieces, kit kat, and melon on top. I don't know where that combo came from but it worked. 

I headed to the park with my bathing suit on under my clothes and my towel and book in tow. The park was so much more than I expected. I don't really use the word 'lovely' but this park was lovely. And grand. The paths were canopied by giant, old trees and there was a winding river throughout where ducks were swimming and people were rowing small boats. I walked into an opening where a fountain appeared, and I could see the magnificent Frederiksberg Palace sitting on a hill in the backdrop. The palace had rows of what I think are English sycamores in front and the Danish flag waving on top. It felt royal. And peaceful. I continued walking and found my own sunny spot to read and nap for a few hours.